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Tiffany t'SERSTEVENS: "The importance of the monetary policy in keeping the monetary aggregates in line with the current recession and pandemic"
Essay on the current and expected situation of the business cycle around the world after the sanitary crisis, International Economics and Business Cycles 2019-2020, directed by Professeur Christian Ost, ICHEC Brussels Management School   There is no doubt that the world entered the contraction phase of the business cycle in February 2020, after a 11-year expansion that lasted much longer than the previous expansions since World War II (between 12 and 105 months in the US) (1).   Since we are still in the Covid-19 pandemic, probably in the last phase (from a peak of 14.33% world daily death increases on April 15 down to 0.73% on August 24) (2), it is impossible to calculate the economic effects of the lockdowns imposed in so many countries. But several...
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