Mensuel de novembre 2018 - Assurances / Pension

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Taking care of investments
By Giovanni PERIN, Managing Partner, Threestones Capital   ‘Only buy something that you’d be perfectly happy to hold if the market shuts down for ten years.’ These words of wisdom from Warren Buffet, the ‘Oracle of Omaha’, could be an apt clarion call to savvy investors with half a mind on opportunities related to the world’s rapidly ageing population.   Specifically, the opportunity is in the burgeoning elderly care and nursing homes real estate sector, where a brief look at the statistics quickly paints a compelling picture.   According to the OECD, over the next 30 years, an extra 15,000 people per day will be reaching retirement in Europe. By 2025 more than 20% of Europeans will be 65 or over; and the number of over 85s is...
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