Mensuel de juillet 2018 - Fonds / Bourse

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Conference Initio, Fundsquare: MIFID II - The New Born is Now 6 Months Old. A First Market Feedback on Fund Distribution
By Luca BRUNI, Initio*   Some months ago we had an idea: after the predictable rush of year-end 2017 - where MIFID2 was the main dish of all meals in the financial sector and the catchphrase of each discussion between finance professionals – GDPR seemed having taken the scene. Again same scenario, with a very hot topic drawing all attention on itself. From one buzzword to the next one. Crystal clear and logical, no doubt about it.   Nevertheless, being curious and pragmatical, we wanted to feel touch how MIFID2 had been concretely dealt by market players during its first 6 months of life. And, a bit provocatively we have to admit it, we thought at MIFID2 as to a “new-born”. With this idea in mind we then started to discuss with a plethora...
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