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«... in less than 15 years, Poland has become a high income country…» (Interview with Mr. Jerzy KWIECINSKI, Minister of Investment and Economic Development)
Poland’s economic figures look pretty good in 2018? GDP per capita has increased 4.6 times since 1989 and has not declined during the 2009 economic crisis. GDP growth estimated at 4.4% in 2008 is one of the highest in the European Union (EU). Inflation and unemployment are low. Why?   The economic figures are quite spectacular since I joined the Government at the end 2015. At that time, we thought it would be very difficult to achieve this homogenous and high-level growth: today, we have got for five consecutive quarters a 5%+ growth and before that we had 4%.   We believed then that at 4% we reached a top and then we got a higher growth on and on even as the eurozone started to slow down: for the last third quarter, we got 5.1% and 5.7%...
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