jeudi 11 février 2010
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Fax du jeudi 11 février 2010 - Tous les titres

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International Launch Services and SES announce the ILS Proton launch of the SES-3 in 2011 launch to be paired with Kazsat-2 telecommunications satellite

International Launch Services (ILS) and global satellite operator SES (Euronext Paris and Luxembourg Stock Exchange: SESG) today announced the ILS Proton launch of the SES-3 satellite with the Kazsat-2 telecommunications satellite in 2011. The SES-3 satellite, the third in SES’s multi-satellite procurement agreement with Orbital Sciences, will mark the fifth SES mission for ILS/Proton in 2010-11. SES-3 is intended to replace existing spacecraft over the Americas.The mission for the launch of SES-3 with Proton will be to insert the three-ton satellite into geostationary transfer orbit. This agreement for the shared launch of SES-3 further demonstrates Proton’s capability to launch multiple spacecraft. In February of last year, Proton successfully launched the dual Express satellite mission...
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