jeudi 9 septembre 2010
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Fax du jeudi 9 septembre 2010 - Tous les titres

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Kantega launches its new range of ceramic knives

Luxembourgish company Kantega s. à r. l. has recently launched its new range of ceramic kitchen knives. Made of zirconia, a very hard form of ceramic, Kantega knives retain their sharpness up to ten times longer than conventional metal knives. Headquartered in Bridel, Luxembourg, Kantega s. à r. l. produces high-quality kitchen utensils. Their first product range, a complete set of designer ceramic knives, has just recently been launched on the Luxembourgish market. The advantages of Kantega ceramic knives are manifold: the blades are made from zirconia and are thus extremely sharp, durable, chemically inert, very dense and rust-free. This means that Kantega ceramic knives are hygienic, prevent odours from spreading from one food item to another and are easy to clean. The product range...
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